Company executive compensation: 1 billion yen per year
Annual income of young people entering agriculture 1 million yen


This is what it looks like today, where the current financial system is distorted.

Isn’t it obviously unreasonable?

Also, in modern times, the world is fully immersed in capitalism, and there is capital.

The more money you have, the less capital you have, the more you farm

No matter how hard you try, work workers and dispatched warehouse workers

It’s built into a system that doesn’t make money


But this distorted economic system will continue for some time.

U. Aside from the good and bad and the good and bad, money for young people in farming

I want you to be rich.

And this golden FX pyramid! If you build a fortune with

At that time, the wealth should make a great contribution to society.

Wealth and property stick to people, and it’s like a phantom.

If the phantom money could be used for people, it would be a great virtue

Gong (Isaoshi) will be piled up in the heavenly warehouse.

FX is the same as gambling and is addictive, and once you fit it, you can’t stop it.

Money is being sucked in more and more.

So I don’t think I can recommend it very much, but it makes wealth

There is no better way to find out.





Let’s accumulate profits like stones! What a free release!

It’s completely open to the public! Probably the first in the world!



There are too long chopsticks (about 2 meters) in hell, so don’t use those chopsticks

If so, you can’t eat food.

But the inhabitants of hell can carry food to their mouths because the chopsticks are too long.

I can’t.

Thanks to that, the food is rotten, malnourished and thin, and the anger of not being able to eat rice

It is full of resentment and a strange odor.

The grudge against food is terrifying.

Heaven also has long chopsticks, and residents carry food to each other with long chopsticks.

It matches.

If you want to eat delicious food, you must give it to someone first and have them eat it.

It’s important.

If you want to make money, you have to make money

It is.

I launched this blog with that feeling.

We hope you find this information useful.




1.First of all


Nice to meet you, everyone.


Everyone, I feel that what is the most difficult for those who have done fx

Is it?

It’s probably not about winning every day and accumulating profits.

Is it?

If you can get 5p a day every day, it will be difficult to calculate compound interest.

If the person who wins big loses big and accumulates small wins

Lost a lot and lost profits

Or you can win or lose and you just can’t make a profit.

How can I win?

You’re not desperately looking for that method or method.

Is it?

How to make a profit in this “Golden FX Pyramid!”

It is a concrete know-how of how to stack.

fx is often compared to gambling.

Investment and speculation are different. Is often said

Isn’t it?

What is the difference between gambling and investing?

Gambling (speculation) → If you lose, it will be zero → The more you do, the more you lose.

Investment → Even if you lose temporarily, the principal and funds will remain → The more you do, the more it will increase.

No matter how much you multiply by zero, it is zero.

This is, for example, on the sand

It ’s like building a castle, it ’s big.

Every time a wave comes, it’s washed away by the water

It will be zero.

As long as you do this speculative way

The more you do fx, the more you lose.

Dedicated to solid investment

Strategy to surely pile up stones

You have to set up.

(No matter how much sand is piled up, it is useless)


In short, you can subdivide and accumulate profits as shown in the picture below.

The stones are the same size and it is easier to stack them.















This golden FX pyramid! Uses Forex trader XM with leverage 888 times.

Japanese Forex traders have 25 times the leverage, so it is difficult to use.

And I’m worried when I lose because it takes margin.

XM is a zero-cut system, so you can take the plunge.