Hello everyone



There must have been a global corona crisis and perhaps

your economy is in a pinch.


At times like this, people want to work, but they are unable to

work and their incomepaths are blocked.


Let’s start FX at this time.


Even if FX is blindly done, beginners will lose more money,

but in an emergencythere are no choices to make.


You will be saved from the pinch if you don’t give up until

you learn correctly, winand succeed.


I would like to propose to you the know-how to enrich FX.



It is this.

I will explain directly.


★Sell at the ceiling of the 4-hour Williams Percent Range,

and buy when you reach the bottom!


Only this.





Dollar Yen 4 hours



The Williams Percent Range is clearly characterized by a 4-hour bar.


Ultimately, the Williams Percent Range is either a ceiling or a bottom.


You just sell the ceiling when the price hits it to zero and buy it when

the price hits the bottom.


Let’s zoom in.

2020-06-30 (1)


Notice the two yellow vertical lines and the two red horizontal lines.


The Williams percentage range at this time had reached 100 completely,

and the sharpness was due to the repulsion of the next time bar.


And on the second yellow line, the Williams Percent Range bends and

points down, because the upper mustache is growing.


Actually, the price reached the red line above, and the Williams percent

range at that time reached the ceiling of 0.


If you followed this, you would have caught about 97 pips between the two

red lines.





1. Williams Percent Range is price sensitive.


It will fluctuate drastically depending on the current price, so if you touch

the ceiling or bottom (0 or -100), take immediate action.


Don’t miss the moment you reach 0 orー 100 in one 4-hour bar.


2. Don’t worry if you go backwards with your position.


It never stays on the ceiling or the bottom.


However, the divergence phenomenon (the opposite phenomenon to the

indicator) occurs somewhere, so please start from a small lot.


3. There are two ways to make money.


・Because it is a 4-hour foot, wait until you reach 0-100.
・Make a payment at the moment when it reaches 0 or 100 and make

a payment as soon as you get a profit.



Williams Percent Range can be obtained from this account.